We’re bringing back the premier dark art magazine of the ’90’s with updates on previous features as well as new interviews from today.

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In 1994, Catia and Thom Carnell published the first issue of the “dark art journal,” CARPE NOCTEM. Their vision… to bring quality art, insightful interviews, and knowledgeable cd, book, and software reviews to a needful public. With an initial run of 1,000 magazines and one distributor – Tower Records – in their corner, CARPE NOCTEM soon blossomed and print runs increased to numbers that were unheard of in micro-publishers. Within just a few releases, CARPE NOCTEM was available around the world in Tower Records, Hot Topic, Hastings, Barnes & Noble, Borders, and many other outlets.

Contained in the pages of CARPE NOCTEM were features on musicians, artists, writers, and filmmakers – the likes of which were unseen in small press publications. Soon, CARPE NOCTEM became the pre-imminent dark culture publication the world over.

This KickStarter is to fund the printing of the CARPE NOCTEM 20TH ANNIVERSARY EDITION, and the rewards listed. This commemorative edition is already in production, and will not only catch up with artists we covered in the ’90s, but also add entertainers who had not been featured in the pages of CARPE NOCTEM before. Additionally, everyone is invited to submit their memories about that time for possible inclusion in the print issue or on the website.

What’s in the issue?

In keeping with the original magazine, the anniversary edition will be 64 black and white pages with 4-color cover and will feature gorgeous cover art by Cliff Nielsen and stunning back cover photography by John Carey. Included within*: Joe Jusko, Christine Pazsitzky, Aurelio Voltaire, Caitlin Kiernan, Thomas Dodd, Autumn Adamme (Dark Garden Corsetry), Monica Richards, Brian Hodge, Jillian Venters, Chad Michael Ward, William Faith, Pat Ogle, fiction by Stoker Award winning authors Linda Addison, Rain Graves, Brian Keene, and Weston Ochse and so many more artists and contributors to be announced.

To achieve the goal of printing the magazine, we need your help. Please back us in any way you can and spread the word to others. Show the world that print is not dead! Thank you and keep checking our FaceBook page for updates and exclusive photos and videos, carpenoctem20.

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